1379835_516171028467326_25509273_nThe Art of Death: Honoring the Craftsmen – A collection of B&W images of cemeteries from around the world. When looking for art, most of us think of museums or galleries but many works of exquisite art are all around us in the hundreds of cemeteries that fill any town.  These artists did not seek fame for their craft, they simply worked and created to honor the dead.  Now it is time to honor these talented craftsmen. 


Enchanted Britain: A Photographic Journey –  A collection of over 100 full-color images from travel photographer, Traci Law. Each image captures the spirit and mystery that is the United Kingdom. From the highlands of Scotland to the mystical castles of Wales to the legends of England, each photograph draws you in. Enjoy an enchanted and photographic journey through the United Kingdom.