7341dfxpssmallTraci began her acting career on the Philadelphia area, teen soap Phantomose.  She had a supporting role for nearly three years before graduating from high school and venturing into the world of archaeology.  Her love for the entertainment world brought her back in the late 90’s and since then she has built quite a resume.

Currently the host and producer of Compelling Women – a web series celebrating the achievements and struggles of women worldwide, Traci was the host and creator of Morbid Curiosity, where exploration meets the paranormal. From 2014-1016 she was the historian and an investigator on the popular TV Series, Ghost Detectives. Photo Jun 01, 2 10 43 PM (2)

She has been seen on numerous television programs, including Cold Case, Hack,  The Wire,  Forensic Files and  It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.  Her movie career includes such films as Invincible,  The Happening,  Lovely Bones,  Invasion,  Law Abiding Citizen,  How Do You Know,  LimitlessSafe and  Silver Lining’s Playbook with Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro as well as in Dead Man Down with Terrence Howard and Colin Farrell.

Traci has also been featured on the PBS show, First, as well as the co-host of two popular podcasts, Mysterious Realm (which she developed) and Explore the Unknown (co-developed).

Combining her passion for history, photography and travel, Traci has been quite the explorer.

For more information about some of her work, check out her IMDb site.