Photo Oct 13, 10 42 19 PMCurrently the host of ‘Compelling Women’ (through her production co. Gothici Films), Traci wears many hats and some have called her anything from a Gypsy to a real life Lara Croft/Indiana Jones. Acting was her first passion. Starting in her early teens, she was a co-star on a local Philadelphia show. After graduating she ventured to New York and worked with actors such as Robin Williams, Jack Nicholson and Bradley Cooper to award-winning directors Peter Jackson, M. Night Shyamalan and James L. Brooks. She also appeared for two season as the historian on the Fox TV series, ‘Ghost Detectives’ and hosted and produced the web series, ‘Morbid Curiosity’

An avid, award-winning photographer, she has traveled the world and explored ruins from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales to Romania, Australia and Mayan ruins in Central America. Her many adventures include swimming with sharks and manta-rays and hPhoto Jun 01, 12 57 35 PM (1)iking numerous mountain ranges around the world. She’s even walked on icebergs in Newfoundland! She published ‘Enchanted Britain’ featuring her photos from the UK and ‘The Art of Death’ which featured images from cemeteries around the world.

Another passion is history and archaeology. After returning to Philadelphia, she joined the Society of Pennsylvania Archaeology and has worked on excavations at Eastern State Penitentiary, Historic Rittenhousetown, The Plankhouse and Washington’s Headquarters at Valley Forge National Park. She was invited to work at the Wiltshire Heritage Museum in England where she was able to explore the area that includes Stonehenge and Avebury.