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I am an an award-winning photographer. My images have been featured on album covers, in magazines and books internationally. As an established NY/Philly photographer, I’ve recently relocated to Los Angeles (no more snow!) and I look forward to invoking fear, I mean, working with actors and artists to put their best face forward in headshots and promo images.

Every artist (actor, musician, model, etc), knows the importance of a good photo, and we all try to hide the pain of thinking those beloved images are under a laMeVFshootrge pile of even more images.  That is why I strive to make you stand out. We will work together to create that photo that turns everyone’s head (and hopefully not their stomachs) to get you noticed.

As an actor (SAG-AFTRA) and photographer, I understand what it’s like to be both in front of and behind the camera and work with you to make you feel at ease.

Other trivia – I have a background in archaeology/historic preservation and am the owner of Gothici Films.